Sunday, 9 November 2014

Trip to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

A book group made up of some Transition Brockley members went to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Sunday to discuss 'Feral' by George Monbiot. They met up in the Unity Cafe in Timber Lodge and then joined a tour of the park led by Simon of @hackneytours. Their next book is Naomi Klein's 'This Changes Everything' and they will meet up to discuss this in January and combine it with a local walk.

Anyone else interested in joining the boo group should email us at:

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Garden Update

Thank you to all for their hard work on the garden this morning. It's looking much tidier and we're happy to report that it seems to be fine shape.

With the garden in a more permanent state these days and the planting now orientated towards herbs which won't change each season, one of the things which we would like to do in the future is to get a proper sign installed. Our current sign is looking a little sorry for itself and we could do with something a little more substantial to match the effort that has gone into creating the garden.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Transition in Brockley - An open letter

 We hope you’re enjoying the summer and making the most of the sunny weather in your gardens and beyond! The reason for the email is to remind everyone of current activities and take stock of where we are and also try to drum up some more interest in the group and the transition movement in Brockley/Lewisham in general. I think it’s fair to say there has been a bit of a lull in the transition movement in Brockley and Lewisham in general in the last couple of years however there is still plenty going on.

What are we doing at present? 

The garden down at Brockley Common next to the station continues to thrive and much credit must go to Valerie and her assistants for maintaining it and ensuring that it continues to compliment the excellent work of the Brockley Cross Action Group. We also have a book group who meet regularly and of course there is still involvement with the orchard at Hilly Fields. Other projects that are still bubbling in the background but without much actual action at present include: Brockley Gardenshare and fruit harvesting. It’s also worth mentioning the newly-created South East London Community Energy group who are a separate group from us but exactly the sort of thing that the transition movement is all about. All projects mentioned could do with extra pairs of hands so just because the flowers are blooming and the apples hanging from the trees don’t assume that we couldn’t do with extra help! 

As a group we haven’t been meeting regularly for the last year or so which reflects the changing nature of members lives and interests. As many of you know one of the founding members of the group, Fran, passed away earlier this year and the absence of her enthusiasm and determination has been a great loss. It would be good to get regular meetings up and running again and to build on the work that has been done previously but in order to that we desperately need some new faces and people who can dedicate the time and effort to projects. We receive many emails from local residents and others expressing an interest in getting involved but unfortunately this rarely manifests itself in anything other than a passing interest and whilst we’re grateful for that, ultimately at the heart of the transition movement is the need for action and the act of doing! At present there is a core group of perhaps 5 people who all have busy lives and can’t necessarily dedicate the time required to keep the momentum going.

If you are interested in getting more involved in one of our projects, starting a new one or just want to offer opinion then please let us know! You can respond to this email (suggest direct responses rather than copy all in) or comment on the blog where this will be posted up as an open letter. Conversation and debate is a step in the right direction and if it leads to a continuation the groups activities then it will have been worth it. So, friends, local residents, interested passers by - this is your chance to help reinvigorate the transition movement in Brockley!

We hope to hear from you and spread the word!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Brockley Common Update

Many of you will have passed by our garden at Brockley Station which is now looking much better with the addition of edging to the beds and like the rest of Brockley Common is coming into bloom nicely for the summer. Much of the credit for this year's splendid appearance must go down to Valerie and those who have helped - thank you!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Brockley Garden Share: available in Brockley SE4

Some of you may be aware of the Landshare initiative started in 2009. Here in south east London we activiely promote this sort of thing because it seems that everyone is a winner! Our Brockley Gardenshare project continues and we've received an email from a local resident who has a garden available for someone to grow vegetables in.

The garden is located on Tyrwhitt Road SE4 1QE. If you are interested in finding out more we can put you in touch with the owner and you can take it from there.

Local events coming up...

A public talk about swifts has been arranged  for TUESDAY 1st APRIL in the St Peter's Church Hall on Wickham Road, 7.30-8.30pm.
Swifts are a fascinating and mysterious bird, one of the sights & sounds of a quintessential British summer. They are annual visitors to Brockley, arriving each May, and breed in many of Brockley's old Victorian houses. However they are in decline and need our help if they to continue gracing the skies above Brockley each year. Come and discover more about these wonderful birds from one of our foremost swift experts Edward Mayer - and find out how you can help them! The talk is aimed at anyone with an interest in birds and looking after our wildlife. The talk is free, but we are asking for a voluntary donation of £3 to cover our costs. Any profits will go to swift conservation in Brockley! We have plans to create new nesting sites for swifts in Brockley. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome to attend! Please arrive between 7.15 - 7.30 on the night.

Brockley Tree Conference
Such is the importance of trees not just in Brockley but the wider urban context, the Brockley Street Trees team have organised a free conference on the subject with aims to promote awareness of the many threats to urban trees, and to encourage the maintenance of old ones and the planting of appropriate new ones, whether in streets, parks or gardens.

More details including an agenda can be found here

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hilly Fields Wassail 2014

Every year since the orchard at Hilly Fields was planted we have held a wassail event which has always proved to be much fun and this year was no exception with a great turn out on a mild Sunday afternoon. With new additions to the orchard this year it was decided that one of the new trees should be dedicated to the memory of Fran Rogers who was instrumental in the creation of the orchard. We're very pleased that Fran's family could attend the wassail event and it was fitting that Fran's wassail song that was specifically penned for this event was sung again. The musical nature of this event has improved considerably over the last couple of years with the additions of an accordion, guitar and drum! Each tree in the orchard was toasted and we're happy to report that the orchard is doing very well and we look forward to the 5th birthday event in January 2015. If you would like to be more involved with the orchard please email us!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brockley Common Gardening

Sunday 23rd February sees the first session at the garden on Brockley Common. Brockley Cross Action Group will be on site from 1-5pm to attend to the main flower beds and alongside this we could do with at least a couple of hours on our own plot. Details below of the BXAG event. All welcome!

Waes Hael 2014!

The annual wassail at Hilly Fields Orchard is taking place on Sunday 23rd February at 4:30pm. This will be the fourth event and has proved very popular! Please see details on the flyer below.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fran Rogers

This week Transition Brockley sadly lost one of its founding members, Fran Rogers. Anyone who met Fran will know that she was not only a very kind and caring person but one that never gave up and always had a great level of enthusiasm for whatever activity she was doing, providing an inspiration to many volunteers who have made a connection with the group. There were a number of projects and events that, without Fran may never have got off the ground or been as successful including the Edible Garden at Brockley Station, the Orchard at Hilly Fields and annual wassail at Hilly Fields, Brockley Gardenshare and Brockley Harvest to name but a few.

Whilst trawling through the Transition Brockley image archive there were many pictures of Fran which just goes to show how important she was to the group and to the community as a whole. Below are a selection of photos which we hope you enjoy and help us to remember Fran for the wonderful memories and energy she gave us. Please feel free to leave comments and we will be happy to pass on to her children.

Fran looking very pleased at the first planting of the edible garden at Brockley Station.

Fran tending to plants at the new garden.

First pickings!
Apple juicing at One Tree Hill allotments, Honor Oak

Planting of trial meadow at the orchard in Hilly Fields

Picking apples in Brockley

Annual wassail at Hilly Fields Orchard during testing conditions!
Talking to local residents about Transition Brockley

First wassail at Hilly Fields with Fran holding up her own
apple-themed version of 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'