Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Community Gardening in Action!

Saturday saw local groups (TTB/BXAG and Brockley Society) alongside members of the public help to tidy up various areas around Brockley Station and Brockley Rd that were in need of some work.

Brockley Common saw a big effort on the flower bed next to the new ticket barriers where bindweed had taken over and hidden or even started to kill off some plants. The edible garden was weeded and new plants put in. Currently there are tomatoes, artichokes, strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and lots of mint in the garden amongst many other plants.

Thanks to David the wildflower meadow had its annual cut and Nicola from the Brockley Society did a sterling job in cleaning out and weeding one of the tree pits for the new trees on Brockley Rd. Photos from the areas in question can be seen below but I would urge you to visit yourself and engage with your local environment!
Before - During - After - The bed adjacent to the new ticket barriers at the station

The wildflower meadow - post cut

The tidied up tree pit on Brockley Rd

The Edible Garden at Brockley Common
Some sad news to report is that British Transport Police appear to have taken it upon themselves to remove the recently constructed compost enclosures at Brockley Common presumably on the basis that someone could leap about 10ft off them over the fence and into the station grounds. Craziness! Another article on that particular issue to follow however not wishing to end on a sad note so thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers Brockley now looks cleaner, smarter and a happier place to be!