Saturday, 20 March 2010

9 Carrots comes to Brockley!

Throughout the last year we've been working in conjunction with 9 Carrots to help sign up businesses in Brockley to take part in an iniative aimed at improving local businesses' environmental impact.

To find out more about what 9 Carrots is and how it works see here

Already signed up in Brockley are:

Mr Lawrence Wine Bar - aiming to replace all light bulbs with low energy light bulbs
The Shop on the Hill - aiming to replace current lighting with low energy lighting
EXP Chinese Takeaway - aiming to replace halogen light bulbs in main restaurant area
Royal Tandoori Indian Takeaway - aiming to buy an electric car to replace their current petrol-powered car

So if you're using one of these shops then remember to ask your 9 carrots receipt!