Sunday, 20 November 2011

Notes from the last meeting...

Community Garden

We discussed applying for a London Micro Grant (up to £1000) and Valerie has agreed to pursue the application despite the very short timescale (bid in by 14th Nov). Suggestions for the bid were to get a professionally made, but from recycled materials if possible, display board for the community garden so that we could better advertise the garden and transition events. In addition to ask for funding for soft fruit bushes for the garden.


Spinach now ready to eat at Transition Town Brockley plot, please pick as you wish.
Disclaimer: Eating food grown at the Transition Town Brockley plot is at your own risk. 

Winter gardening at the Transition Town Brockley plot
Saturday 3rd December, 2-4pm
Please bring gardening gloves and tools
Followed by trip to a local cafe for Transition catch up

Disclaimer: Gardening with Transition Town Brockley is at your own risk. Please come along with health and safety in mind. 

Draughtbusting Session

On Saturday 29 October, Transition Town Brixton Draughtbusters gave a demonstration of insulating sash windows and doors in a Victorian house, as well as showing foil panels to put behind radiators on exterior walls, brushes to exclude draughts under doors,  and a magnetic/acrylic system of secondary glazing. Draughtproofing strip and radiator panels were then available to buy and take away, and the householder had a sash window draughtproofed for free!  Everyone felt they had learnt and/or acquired something useful in the comfort of someone's home with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee.

Next Meeting - Wednesday 11th January 2012

It was agreed that the latest Transition Town updates would be circulated (to the regular or recent attendees at meetings) for people to browse through before the next meeting with a view to discussing how, with a vision of the whole spectrum of sustainability in the community, our group can develop activities and increase participation next year.