Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mini Meadow in Hilly Fields

Fran has emailed some pictures of the mini-meadow that we planted as a test bed for future meadow expansion at Hilly Fields and also as part of the River of Flowers project. Judging by the photos it looks like the meadow has thrived.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fruit Harvesting & Gardening - Sat 20th August

Harvesting in action 2010
Last year we successfully harvested unwanted fruit in the local area and this year we're intending to do this again. The details of this year's first event which combines both harvesting and gardening are below:

Once again, we're planning to organise some local fruit harvesting. We're emailing you as someone who expressed an interest last year or has more recently found out about Brockley fruit harvesting. We'll be in touch separately with those who donated part of their tree's crop last year to see if you're interested in doing the same again this year.

As a reminder, the main aim is to highlight the contribution that food makes to our carbon footprint (around 20%) and ensure that the harvest from local fruit trees doesn't go to waste by organising groups of volunteers to go and pick from people's back gardens or trees overhanging the pavement.
  • If you've got a fruit tree, donate part of your tree's harvest for distribution to the local community (you get first share).
  • Or volunteer to be an urban harvester and have fun getting involved with picking, distributing and / or processing the fruit.
We expect our first picking afternoon to be sat 20th August (fruit availability permitting!). We plan to combine this with being at the Brockley Common Community garden (see below), as follows:
1 - 2.30pm : Harvesting
2.30pm - 4pm : Gardening
4-5pm : Winter garden planning (in a local cafe)

Last year fruit was distributed amongst volunteers and handed out at the community garden by the station and some went to a local refugee group.

If you have a fruit tree you would like picked or would like to volunteer to pick, please email: Brockleyharvest@yahoo.co.uk

Other projects you might be interested in include:
Garden Share – Are you looking for a plot of land to grow fruit and veg on? Or do you have a garden which is neglected and would be happy for someone to use part (or all) of, to grow food? Transition Brockley are investigating matching up available plots with growers. If this might suit you, please contact Fran: fr2rogers@gmail.com

Brockley Common Community Garden, next to the Station – planted with a mixture of edibles and flowers. If you're interested in getting involved please contact: joynerca@googlemail.com