Sunday, 23 March 2014

Local events coming up...

A public talk about swifts has been arranged  for TUESDAY 1st APRIL in the St Peter's Church Hall on Wickham Road, 7.30-8.30pm.
Swifts are a fascinating and mysterious bird, one of the sights & sounds of a quintessential British summer. They are annual visitors to Brockley, arriving each May, and breed in many of Brockley's old Victorian houses. However they are in decline and need our help if they to continue gracing the skies above Brockley each year. Come and discover more about these wonderful birds from one of our foremost swift experts Edward Mayer - and find out how you can help them! The talk is aimed at anyone with an interest in birds and looking after our wildlife. The talk is free, but we are asking for a voluntary donation of £3 to cover our costs. Any profits will go to swift conservation in Brockley! We have plans to create new nesting sites for swifts in Brockley. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome to attend! Please arrive between 7.15 - 7.30 on the night.

Brockley Tree Conference
Such is the importance of trees not just in Brockley but the wider urban context, the Brockley Street Trees team have organised a free conference on the subject with aims to promote awareness of the many threats to urban trees, and to encourage the maintenance of old ones and the planting of appropriate new ones, whether in streets, parks or gardens.

More details including an agenda can be found here

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