Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fran Rogers

This week Transition Brockley sadly lost one of its founding members, Fran Rogers. Anyone who met Fran will know that she was not only a very kind and caring person but one that never gave up and always had a great level of enthusiasm for whatever activity she was doing, providing an inspiration to many volunteers who have made a connection with the group. There were a number of projects and events that, without Fran may never have got off the ground or been as successful including the Edible Garden at Brockley Station, the Orchard at Hilly Fields and annual wassail at Hilly Fields, Brockley Gardenshare and Brockley Harvest to name but a few.

Whilst trawling through the Transition Brockley image archive there were many pictures of Fran which just goes to show how important she was to the group and to the community as a whole. Below are a selection of photos which we hope you enjoy and help us to remember Fran for the wonderful memories and energy she gave us. Please feel free to leave comments and we will be happy to pass on to her children.

Fran looking very pleased at the first planting of the edible garden at Brockley Station.

Fran tending to plants at the new garden.

First pickings!
Apple juicing at One Tree Hill allotments, Honor Oak

Planting of trial meadow at the orchard in Hilly Fields

Picking apples in Brockley

Annual wassail at Hilly Fields Orchard during testing conditions!
Talking to local residents about Transition Brockley

First wassail at Hilly Fields with Fran holding up her own
apple-themed version of 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' 


  1. Deareat Fran, I will miss you. You were a great inspiration, and an enormous stepping stone for me into the TT & community gardening world. I couldn't have got here without you. Thank you so much! R.I.P

  2. Fran was an inspiration to all of us with boundless energy and drive. I worked with her most recently this autumn on planning and planting the bee-friendly herb garden at Brockley station. Without her these plans would still have been just on paper.

  3. Fran was always so inspiring and practical. I trust that her legacy lives on. I will miss her.

  4. Terribly sad to hear this news. Fran was a lovely person who never let her commitment and insights come across in a hectoring or patronising way. Brockley will be much the poorer for her passing.

  5. So sorry to hear this. Fran was 'a force of nature' - so much energy and, as others have already said, a really lovely person.