Friday, 15 April 2011

Wildflower Meadow - Brockley Common

Just a reminder that this weekend sees the first session in creating a wildflower meadow at the northern end of Brockley Common. BXAG chair, Rupert writes:

Work has already started on the new 2011 Edible Garden - it's time to start work on the creation of the wildflower meadow! This will be located mainly on the steep bank right at the north end of Brockley Common, below the Edible Garden and next to the railway bridge.

The bank is currently overrun with weeds. The plan is to grub out all of the existing weeds, prepare the soil and sow a flowery wildflower meadow that will attract bees, butterflies and other insects while also creating a very visible splash of colour for everyone to enjoy at the junction of Coulgate Street and Brockley Road.

The idea is to sow a mix of annuals and a meadow mix together. The annuals will provide a quick splash of colour later this year while the meadow mix will develop into a more permanent feature in subsequent years - well that's the plan!

But it is going to need a lot of work just to prepare the site, so we need lots of volunteers! Can you come and help us?

The key dates are as follows:



Depending how we get on other evening gardening get togethers may be added in the w/b Monday 18th April.

As always BXAG will provide tools, gloves and refreshments. All you need to do is wear stout footwear and some warm clothing! I do hope to see you on one or both of the days - there will be various other maintenance chores on the Common as well, so the more the merrier! Note: no previous gardening experience necessary!

Transition member John will also be building some compost bins on the site so that we can properly compost the green waste which is already there and needs sorting for future use. If you would like to help then please come along from 1pm on Sunday.

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