Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lewisham Green Drinks: Richard Reynolds

Lewisham green drinks - Monday 4th April 7:30pm onwards. Talk to start around 8:15pm.

Speaker: Richard Reynolds

"[Reynolds] is quickly becoming both a subculture celebrity and a public intellectual, challenging ideas about what it means to live in a city.New York Times, 8 June 20

April's Lewisham green drinks event sees internationally-renowned guerrilla gardener, Richard Reynolds speaking about his adventures in London and abroad.

Richard is the founder of, author of the influential book 'On Guerrilla Gardening-A handbook for gardening without boundaries' and a member of the 2010 assembly of London Leaders. Guerrilla Gardening currently features very prominently at London department store, Selfridges' shop window displays. He has spoken widely about his and others' exploits of illicit gardening around the world. 

A bit about Richard from the London Leaders website:

Richard began guerrilla gardening in 2004 - that is he started cultivating the neglected public flowerbeds and roadside verges in his South London neighbourhood. His focus is on enriching neglected public land with more uplifting and bio-diverse habits and encouraging more people to do the same near where they live in a way that is environmentally and socially positive. Richard is now one of thousands of guerrilla gardeners around the world and as a face within a loose movement he has done a lot to inspire through his website GuerrillaGardening.orgRichard has a gardening qualification from the Royal Horticultural Society and geography degree from Oxford University. He has gardened since his childhood in Devon, was Head Gardener at Exeter Cathedral School and his first paid job was weeding an organic strawberry farm.

"Reynolds has done more to inspire planting in public spaces
than anybody since the sixteenth-century Diggers"

John-Paul Flintoff Sew Your Own June 2010

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