Saturday, 14 August 2010

Summer fruits [updated]

Transition Brockley and now founding member of Transition Sydenham, Alona sent us this link to an interesting article in the Guardian which looks at the potential for foraging in the streets and land that surrounds us. This ties in nicely with our proposed harvesting of Brockley's currently unharvested fruit trees this autumn.

A particularly useful link in the article is this one which takes you to a 2 page supplement illustrating the 'food' year and when certain fruits and salads are available.

To illustrate just how much free fruit is available to us if we look at our bushes and hedgerows a little more closely a friend of Transition Brockley picked two bowls of blackberries last week (see above) and there is still more available so get out there, take a walk around and see what you can find! If you do find something let us know via the comments section or email this address and we'll add it to our edible foraging map which will be something a bit like this but for Brockley.


One TB member took upon himself to seek out Brockley's bounty and the fruits of his labour are shown below in the form of a Blackberry Crumble!

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