Thursday, 2 May 2013

Queen to leave her mark on Hilly Fields

Brockley tree planters

Nicola from the Brockley Society has emailed to let us know about a forthcoming addition to Hilly Fields tree population courtesy of the Tree Council's Jubilee Diamond Trees programme. As keen planters of trees ourselves we like this sort of activity and Hilly Fields is big enough to accommodate more trees.

The Jubilee tree donated by the Tree Council will be planted at Hilly Fields (very near the cafe)
on Wednesday May 22nd, gather from 12.45 at the cafe.  Old folk from the Brockley social club and girls from Prendergast school will plant the tree in a short ceremony at 1.15. A digital record will be made which along with the other 59 Jubilee trees will make up a digital book to be presented to Her Majesty in June. It would be great if as many groups and local tree lovers could  be represented. Friends of Hilly Fields and Brocsoc have chosen a disease resistant Elm tree - an American cultivar Princetonia for which Barchams has the exclusive license. Please do come and spread the word to others.

For those that aren't aware the Brockley Society has its own tree wardens who pay close attention to the areas trees and you can find out more about their dedication to the cause here.

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