Monday, 12 September 2011

24 Hours of Reality

Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth was a massive success in bringing the issue of climate change to the forefront of world cinema a few years ago and spawned similar films looking at different aspects of climate change. For those of you that enjoyed it Al is back with a 24 hour marathon of questions and answers all from the comfort of your own home or even witness it at a live event if you wish. 

The event is called '24 hours of reality' and here's the lowdown on what it's all about courtesy of You can also find out more about what part London is playing in this event by clicking on this link.


24 Presenters. 24 Time Zones. 13 Languages. 1 Message. 24 Hours of Reality is a worldwide event to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. It will consist of a new multimedia presentation created by Al Gore and delivered once per hour for 24 hours, representing every time zone around the globe. Each hour people living with the reality of climate change will connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the manmade pollution that is changing our climate. We will offer a round-the-clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time. The deniers may have millions of dollars to spend, but we have a powerful advantage. We have reality.


24 Hours of Reality will be broadcast live online from September 14 to 15, over 24 hours, representing 24 time zones and 13 languages.


From Tonga to Cape Verde, Mexico City to Alaska, Jakarta to London, people living with the impacts of climate change every day will tell their story. You can experience as much as you like without even leaving your home. Click here to find the location — or locations — where you would like to watch a presentation. Due to logistical considerations, three of the presentations will be broadcast remotely from New York — Tonga, the Solomon Islands and French Polynesia — but will include local footage and information. All other presentations will be filmed on location around the world.

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