Saturday, 11 June 2011

Community Gardening down at the Common

Brockley Cross Action Group chair, Rupert has been in touch to tell us of the next planned gardening session down at the station which is happening on Sunday 12th June from 2-6pm. We've recently been discussing details of watering and maintenance going forward for both our garden and the adjacent beds and it looks like we'll be helping out with their watering and vice versa. Details below:
The planting beds and the edible garden are looking very well and appreciated the recent rainfall. The new meadow is only just beginning to shows signs of life and will need a lot more work to get it established. We are due another community planting day to carry out the following activities:
1. WATERING. As from next week we will be organising a weekly watering rota to water the main planting beds, the 2 new Cherry trees, the edible garden and the new meadow. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Watering equipment will now be stored at Turning Point on Coulgate Street and the proposal is for a pair of nominated volunteers to carry out watering in each week up to the end of August. The watering will take about 3 hours to complete each time BUT with a load of volunteers (we have about 20 already!) I doubt volunteers will be asked to water more than twice in the summer. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER FOR THE WATERING ROTA PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will be preparing a list of volunteers this week to let Turning Point know (for security reasons etc). We will go through the watering arrangements this Sunday so if you want to know the score come along!
2. REPLACEMENT PLANTING. BXAG have purchased some replacement plants to fill in the spaces where we lost a few plants last winter. I have been waiting to put these in but needed the weather to break first - it looks like it has for now.

3. WEEDING. The weeds never rest despite all the mulch!

I therefore propose we meet up at 2.00 this coming SUNDAY 12th JUNE to carry out another afternoon of community gardening. We will be on site from 2.00-6.00.
As before just bring stout footwear. BXAG will provide tools, gloves and refreshments at the Broca Cafe.
Hope to see you on Sunday! 

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