Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mini Meadow in Hilly Fields

Saturday saw the planting of small test area of wildflower seeds at the site of the orchard in Hilly Fields. We have planted this area as a tester to see how this area of the park takes to wildflowers. If it is successful then there are plans to plant a much larger area of wildflowers which will become part of Lewisham's 'River of Flowers' which we talked about here.

Fran, who co-ordinated yesterday's event had this to say to the volunteers who helped out:

huge thank you to all who worked so hard today - it was really tough going but you managed it and I attach some photos (see above and on Flickr) of the digging, seeding and enjoyment of the job completed!  Just as well it was only a small area...let's hope we have a good display.  

If the weeds encroaching are a problem I'll either mulch round the plot or pin down some membrane.  Any help with watering and picking out the odd weed would be great.

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